I love to lead a group of talented people to execute amazing things in a great environment.

Responsibility and control is something that I need to make me feel at home.



This is my addiction. I have so many interests where I can let my imagination roam free. It can be everything from creating typographies, writing a screenplay to making digital music. Don't forget my perfume lab at home.



I truly love the beginning of something new. The hard but crazy fun gathering of information and brainstorming. Since I was a little kid I've had this entrepreneurial mindset and it really helps me to see the bigger picture.



To see the hard preparation and work come to life is amazing. I enjoy supporting the designers on this journey more than being the artist myself. It's just not my strong suit and therefore I've learned how to lead teams instead.

I'm Not Wordy

Have a look

This is a blog that I created to inspire people with beautiful imagery in a nice curated feed. The blog has over 20 000 followers from around the world and it's growing rapidly. Celebrities like Steve Angello and Brandon Boyd digs it!

Tumblr Theme

This has always been my most challenging project.

Crazy deadlines, steep learning curve and tons of various design work.



2012 -2013 Awards

Creativity 42 - Website, Consumer - Gold

Communicator Awards - Corporate Identity - Silver

Communicator Awards - Publishing - Silver

DesignTAXI - Site of the day

Awwwards - Site of the day

The Webby Awards - Best Home/Welcome Page - Nomine

Pixel Awards - Magazines - Winner

Davey Awards, Corporate Communications - Silver

W3 Awards, Corporate Communications - Silver

W3 Awards, Publishing - Silver

This is strangely something I love to do.

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Minimalism is super hard to achieve, but really rewarding once you get the hang of it. I hope I can "own" this kind of style for some egoistic recognition in the future. That would be awesome!

Adobe Indesign Feature | London Art Exhibition