I’m all about experimenting, conceptual thinking and creating fantastic experiences. 


I've been working with marketing, user experience, strategy, apps, websites, service design, video editing etc. for the biggest companies in the world. The work I've done together with my teams have won some amazing awards. Everything from the Webby Awards, Communicator Awards to the Pixel AwardsW3 and so on. 

For the last 6 years I've worked with startups and I know the world very well. I love being a part of building a product or a service and see it grow to something amazing.

I enjoy the responsibility of leadership, always work from start to finish and looking over every detail to make sure that the project is perfectly executed.

Co-Founded a startup in 2012 and it lasted for about two years. Raised a total of one million dollars on two separate projects.

Associates Degree in: Advertising and Marketing

Taken courses in: Psychology, Screenwriting, Perfume Making & Sign Language.